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STEM Program

AE STEM Kit Program

The Civil Air Patrol’s Aerospace Education STEM Kit program provides STEM resources for hands-on, inquiry-based learning. The STEM Kit program has been providing a selection of STEM Kits to CAP Unit Aerospace Education Officers (AEOs) and CAP educator members since January 23, 2013, to educate the next generation STEM workforce. 

The kits come at no cost to recipients, are designed to enhance current CAP educational curriculum and programs, and will be ready for immediate implementation. CAP Unit AE Officers (or commanders), as well as CAP members who are educators, including AFJROTC instructors, can select one kit from the available options.

*** If you are a teacher or informal educator (such as Scouts or youth groups), you may join Civil Air Patrol as an Aerospace Education Member (AEM) and apply for these free kits. Find out about all of our free aerospace/STEM programs for educators, and, how to join HERE.

Impact of CAP’s STEM Kit Program

The STEM Kit program continues to set new records! 

Totals so far for fiscal year 2023 (for STEM kit applications received through December 2022)

Filled over 900 applications
Distributed over 2,600 STEM Kits
Reached over 77,000 participants

Totals since 2013 (for STEM Kit applications received through December 2022)

Filled over 24,000 applications
Distributed over 47,000 STEM Kits
Reached over 2 million participants


80% of participants are more interested in STEM after being involved in the STEM Kit program.

How to Participate

A.  Members must be:

  1. CAP AEOs

  2. CAP Assistant AEOs

  3. Squadron Commanders 

  4. DAEs

  5. Wing Commanders

  6. DCS/AEs

  7. CAP Educator Members

B.  Members must:

  1. Complete the online application form and submit

  2. Administer the Pre-test and gather results

  3. Spend at least 6 hours with the STEM Kit

  4. Administer the Post-test and gather results

  5. Complete the online evaluation form and submit

For more details concerning the Application/Evaluation Processes, click here.

See Detail Links in Left Menu Bar and kit descriptions HERE

See a listing of STEM Kit Recipients by state HERE.

See a sampling of how STEM Kits can connect to state standards. Click for Tennessee example HERE.



Bee-Bot/Code & Go Mouse

Bee Bot/Code & Go Mouse

Bee Bot/Code & Go Mouse

Bridge Building

Build & Learn Geometry

Cross Country Navigation

Flight Simulator

Hydraulic Engineering

Model & Remote Controlled Aircraft

Outdoor Quadcopter

Raspberry Pi

Indoor Quadcopter

Renewable Energy

Robotics Workshop



Sphero BOLT/Sphero Code Mat



Let's Go Code


Please send us photos of STEM Kits in action. Send with your eServices evaluation or via email at stem@capnhq.gov.

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