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Civil Air Patrol has been patrolling our nation's coastal borders since CAP's inception.

Today, the coastlines are borderless with the onset of cyber vulnerability and attacks. CAP is developing and participating in innovative and challenging Cyber programs.

CAP cadets are also participating in a challenging technological initiative, CyberPatriot, the National Youth Cyber Education Program, sponsored by the Air & Space Forces Association, to educate the next generation of patriotic cyber defenders of our nation's security and infrastructure. 

This highly competitive event is training a new generation to ensure America is prepared to defend its national security from the air, land, sea, space, and cyberspace.  CAP is at the forefront of the CyberPatriot program and encourages youth leaders to form CyberPatriot teams!

CAP cadets, learn more about how to form a team, below! 

Educators can have their students form teams, as well!  See all info at www.uscyberpatriot.org

                        Kids working on Cyber Patroit.             

CPXV (2023): Registration opened 1 April for CAP teams, as well as any middle and high school teams in other All Service and educational/youth organizations. The 2023 competition is underway. 


There is NO charge for any CAP squadron team!



Read carefully the info below about registering a CAP team so that correct registration will ensure credit for CAP's Quality Cadet Unit Award:

1- High School CAP teams should register in the All Service Division, in the Civil Air Patrol section, listing the entire charter number, such as SER-AL-801.  For team name, either the squadron name or a team name of choice can be used.

2- Middle School CAP teams should register in the Middle School Division and register the team with CAP in front of the entire charter number, such as CAP, SER-AL-801. The team can then be named as desired.  "CAP" is needed at the front as there is no other way to identify CAP teams in the Middle School Division without that CAP identifier at the front of the entire charter number.

3- To register: Go to www.uscyberpatriot.org for competition timeline and all information, including training materials to prepare teams for competition.

The competition schedule is very helpful!!

  • Civil Air Patrol teams compete for FREE.  

  • CAP cadets can compete in two levels:  (high school) All Service Division and Middle School Division.

  • YOUR squadron can have one coach who works with more than one team.

  • Click HERE  to learn about the CyberPatriot program for CAP cadets.

  • Click HERE to learn how the program works for CAP cadets.

For registered teams

To keep up with the list of teams that have registered, go to uscyberpatriot.org, then click on the "Competition" link; then "List of Registered Teams." (text version is best) At the us.cyberpatriot.org site, you can also find out anything you wish to know about the program, to include training materials, competition dates, competition progress, etc. Summer Cyber Camps should be another exciting program option for anyone interested in learning more.  Find out everything you need to know at that site.

IMPORTANT: Need assistance with a computer?  With internet access?  With securing a team mentor to assist the team coach?  The AFA CyberPatriot office can provide assistance with all of these issues!  Contact info@cyberpatriot.org or call the CyberPatriot office at 877-885-5716.

Included in the competition is:

  • Excellent Aerospace/STEM Education Enhancement Program 

  • Teamwork

  • Career Exploration and Training

  • Scholarships

  • Mentorship by Cyber Experts

  • March Trip to MD for Final Competition

CyberPatriot is a cutting-edge activity open to ANY middle or high school student team in the nation.

* There are two parallel high school divisions: Open Division (any high school age-type school or organization) and All Service Division (any CAP, Sea, or any Service JROTC cadets).

* The middle school division is not divided into the two categories.  All teams compete against each other.

* In CAP, if special team situations are needed, contact afa@capnhq.gov for assistance.

Each team defends a computer network against a virtual cyber attack. Several rounds of competition culminate in a national competition for both divisions each March in MD. All Division teams, Open Division teams, and Middle School teams can work and train together across divisions since they are not competing against each other in these parallel virtual competitions that lead up to the nation competition, so JOIN HANDS and TALENT and gather TEAMS to train together. Together Each Achieves More!

Adults who are coaching or mentoring a group of 2-5 young people in CyberPatriot teams are to be commended for going above and beyond!  We encourage other interested adults to help form a team!

*****CAP cadets have the right stuff to compete, so plan to form a team for the upcoming year!


Check out CAP's Introduction to Cyber Security Module, HERE!


Historical Info:

CyberPatriot XIV (2022) competition finals were conducted 18-20 March in Rockville, MD!  CAP had three teams in the All Service Division finals:

  1. Air Academy Cadet Squadron, CO Springs, CO Wing, RMR

  2. Fullerton Composite Squadron 56, CA Wing, PCR

  3. And, the Wild Card slot won by Union City Composite Squadron, NC Wing, MAR

  • During the timeframe of October 2021-February 2022, through four grueling rounds of online competition, 12 Open Division teams and 13 All Service Division teams, both comprised of High School students, as well as 3 Middle School teams, earned a place at the national competition, held virtually due to COVID restriction.  These teams will battle it our 18-20 March for the title of National Champion in each division.

  • See CAP.NEWS story of the three CAP teams moving to the national finals HERE

  • See info about CAP's participation in the 2022 national CyberPatriot competition HERE. 

The 2021 national competition saw CAWG Fullerton Composite Squadron 56 (PCR-CA-295) win 3rd place in the All Service Division during the virtual national CyberPatriot competition, also winning the CISCO NetAcad Challenge, both earning the cadets scholarships. See full story HERE.

  • *** See story of CAP's three teams' road to the CPXIII (2021) national finals HERE

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