(SER-TN-114) Southern Middle Tennessee Flight
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About TN-114

TN-114 has been around for over 20 years. In 2010, the unit was shutdown due to unknown reasons but in 2015 the unit was recharted and still operates to this day.

The first commander to be in command after the recharter was Capt Matt Holt, the second was Major Jeff England, and the current commander is Lt Col Suzanne England. 

Currently in 2023, we are a small unit that works with adults and cadets to expand their training to be leaders and gain aerospace knowledge. Everyone in the unit has fun and learns leadership skills. The cadet are discipline and very active when it comes to activities and learning. Senior members work with cadets and on their professional development toward their specialty track in Civil Air Patrol. Some of the activities TN-114 have participated in are The American Rocketry Challenge, CyberPatriot, Wreaths Across America, and a few more. 

We meet at the Lewisburg Ellington Airport on Monday nights except Holidays. Our meetings run from 6:30pm to 8:30pm Central time. 

With The American Rocketry Challenge in 2023, our cadets are building a rocket and doing launch tests needed to participate in the challenge.  They meet up on their own terms with adult supervision to accomplish what they need to do. Currently, they are working on making sure the rocket is more stable.

In 2022, the unit participated in CyberPatriot. Many of cadets in the unit competed with other teams and learned about operating systems and security measures. Some of the cadets on the team had knowledge of the basics of a computer and others had more knowledge of some security measures. Lt Col England with her knowledge of cybersecurity mentored the cadets starting in the summertime.

They learned different operating systems such as Ubuntu, Windows 10, and Windows Server 2019. As a team, they made it into the platinum division and were able to get first place in state for the All-Services Division in TN during their first year in CyberPatriot. 

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